01. Our Mission

We at prunux.ch are passionate architects, developers and DevOps engineers with a wealth of experience in the operation of these IT architectures. From the software or the time development usually complex architectures. And such challenges appeal to us. We want to pass on this expertise and wealth of experience to you.

  • Passionate System Architectrs
  • Developer and DevOps Engineers
  • Global, (highly) available or scalable services.

02. Our Approach

We like to build reproducible infrastructures, automatically tested and deployed software.

  • Use and Share OpenSource
  • We want reinvent the wheel
  • Tools: Terraform, GitLab CI

03. Our Philosophy

We believe that happy engineers and customers are the stars we want to follow.

  • Get up seldom in the Night
  • High Clients Satisfaction
  • Incremental Releases
  • Release when it's ready
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