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We offer public and private courses in programming languages, techniques and procedures. The duration of the courses will be adapted to your needs.

Based on our experience as long-time Linux system administrators, the courses are mostly also in this area of programming, system configuration and working techniques.

  • System languages: Terraform, Puppet and Ansible
  • Programming languages: Go, Terraform, Perl, C
  • Techniques: Git, GitHub, GitLab
  • Continous Integration: GitLab CI
  • Project Webpages: GitHub Pages

Public Courses

ETH Zurich - CompiCampus

  • Introduction to Git, GitHub and GitHub Pages: A 135 minutes course with the topic “Dive in to Git and GitHub”. Website for the course and exercise: https://compicampus-git-intro.website. This course is structured with a short input about Git and about the history of Git at the beginning. Then the course attendens can take the written inputs and follow the exercises from the slide deck. In the form of an accompanied exercise.

Organised by CompiCampus.

Previous Courses

  • Introduction to C

  • Introduction to Go Language

  • Introduction to Perl